En route…

Finally, after 2 years of preparation, training, searching for sponsors and weight-gaining, the expedition team has left for the icecap.

 dscf9694.jpgWith over 30 friends and family members, 2 camera teams and a photographer for the newspapers the departures hall at schiphol was well filled.. We expect them home somewhere around the end of may, precise time and date of their arrival will be announced on this weblog. In the meantime, updates on their situation on the icecap will also be given here. Stay tuned!

Good luck guys, have a safe and wonderful trip, and  return home safely!

5 Responses to “En route…”

  1. admin Says:

    Hey Guys,

    All the best to the entire team. Enjoy the trip and above all return safely.


  2. Natassia Says:

    Good luck guys and take care!!

    I look forward to seeing the footage when you are back and also when Milan and Kevin are back.

    Am working hard to view the first 50 tapes and hope to make you guys an awesome documentary!!

    Nice Ecard you sent by the way!

    Am watching the team’s progress eagerly on the net!

    Tale Care

    *Warm* Regards
    Natassia Wijdeveld 🙂
    The Documentary Editor

  3. jan wegman Says:

    Hoi Team and specially my nephew Jeffrey.
    From vancouver here we wish you the best and enjoy this adventure
    Jan (ca wegman clan)

  4. Paul Kamphuis Says:

    Dear all teammembers,

    I wish you all the best on your expedition, have a good trip on the Icecap and a have save journey home.
    For Henk Jan a short Dutch special forces message: Nunc aut nuncquam!

    Warme poolgroet,

    Paul Kamphuis
    Greenland Icecap explorer

  5. Trish Nice Says:

    Dear Team,

    Have a great trip…it will be like eatting an elephant…take one bite at a time and chew thoroughly.

    Keep your eyes and ears open for us in two and a half to three weeks. Hope to see you on the ice cap.

    Warme groet,

    Trish Nice
    adventurer and breast cancer survivor