Handle with care?

toughbookA big box was delivered to my office this morning. It said “Handle with care”. I was thinking about the delivery of a digital camera which I have ordered via the internet. So, eager to make some of my first shots with a new camera, I opened the box. It was rather heavy though. Inside the box was a delivery of Panasonic. It was the Toughbook! So why print “Handle with care” on the box. It should say “Throw it around”, “Do whatever you like”. Or even better: ”Try to break”
The Toughbook is an extremely good laptop for the environment we are going to. The type we will use is the CF-30 fully ruggedized laptop. We will use the laptop for updating our web side and sending video from the ice cap.
This is what Panasonic says about their Toughbook: ”The Toughbook CF-30 is seen quite rightly as the reference model for real outdoor notebooks. It is robust like no other notebook and is optimally prepared for the harshest conditions of use in all areas of your business. Shocks, drops, heat, cold, dust and damp present no risk to the Toughbook.” So why handle with care??

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