Interview with Morgen Rabobank

rabobanklogo.gifFriday evening I (Sanne) had a interview with Morgen Rabobank. It is a magazine for starting entrepreneurs. Giving interviews is one of those thinks we learn during this project. Before I was very nervous, but now that’s no problem any more. Although the interview was no problem for me, it was almost an expedition for the journalist. My house is never warm and even after I turned the heating on ,it was a bit too cold. Well, it gave an extra dimension to the interview. The brochure will be published in February.

One Response to “Interview with Morgen Rabobank”

  1. Conny Boom Says:

    Sanne, voor de buitenwereld wordt het nu heel echt!
    We leven met jou en je hele ploeg mee.
    Nog heel veel plezier met de voorbereidingen en wanneer ik de foto’s bekijk en jullie nu al zie genieten gaat dat wel lukken.
    Heel veel geluk en succes
    Conny Boom