Out of the crevasses

Yesterday evening, I had contact with the team, but almost everything I’m gonna write down they also put on the website as a voicemail message…

On friday, they have set up camp 3 on the following location: N67 03.701 W049 24.095.  If you have google earth, you can exactly point out their location, and when comparing it with the coordinates of point 660, the place where they entered the icecap wednesday, they have now covered 29 km in 3 days.

image00001_small.JPGThat is not a spectacular day distance, but when you consider the first kilometers on the icecap look like this, it is not bad!
The conditions until now have been mild: the temperature is -1, wind force 4-5 from the south, but now the team is slowly entering the large plains of the icecap, they can feel the temperature going down.

Thursday was a hard day: after leaving camp 2 they entered difficult terrain with large icebumps (see picture) . It took a lot of effort to get the sledges through there! Finally they found a way through, and via a 50 m high ice wall they managed to get on top of the ice sheet. After that, the terrain became much more flat. The spirits are still high and they are having fun together!

5 Responses to “Out of the crevasses”

  1. Mungo Says:

    Ah! Here they are… Great adventure, I’m enjoying reading about it.



  2. Bart en Mariken Says:

    Hi Sanne,

    Warm vanaf de bank in Utreg volgen wij jullie toer………………….goed zo mannen en stoere vrouw, je staat je mannetje. Heel apart wat er allemaal mogelijk is met de moderne communicatie.


    Bart en Mariken

    PS: Vrijdag was het druk in de toko, maar daar hoef jij je lekker niet mee bezig te houden

  3. Marnix academy Says:

    We have just seen your location on google earth.
    Nothing much to see. It’s completely white!
    29 kilometers in three days…. we are not really impressed, but okay! considering the circumstances we are proud of you all. 😉
    We will follow your weblog and audio reports.
    Good luck on your great adventure.

  4. jan wegman Says:

    Well we here in Beautiful BC Canada are defenitely impressed.
    Jan and fam.

  5. Ronald Says:

    Als je heel goed kijkt zie je rechtsboven op de foto nog net een ijsbeer wegduiken.
    -1 graden Henk-Jan en Pim; In de Ardennen ishet kouder op dit moment!
    Af en toe doe ik een ijsklontje in mijn drankje en denk dan aan jullie.

    Zonder gekheid; Leuk om dit te volgen en hopenlijk spaart HJ zijn lichaam een beetje en helen die hielen snel.