Presentation in The Globe

Presentation in The GlobeThe Bever store ‘The Globe” in The Hague was the location for the partner presentation of Project 66 North. Throughout the evening everybody was offered the opportunity to present their contribution to the project and off course, to the changing climate.

At first, Didier Maclaine Pont opened the evening for Bever explaining how pleased he was with the whole project. Sible Schöne, founder of the HIER climate campaign talked about the importance in understanding the consequences of the changing climate. After his energetic presentation, Arie Vonk, representing the Marnix Academy, gave a very detailed explanation of how they want to bring this issue to their students attention. Finally, Kevin Augello from New Earth films/ Deepeei informed everybody on how they plan to create the documentary. Surprisingly, Kevin presented the team and the public a short film; a hilarious compilation of some lousy shots of the team members, made by the team members.

The whole evening was successful and many contacts have been made. In fact, it was suggested that this evening could be organised again just prior to take off.

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