Snowkite training in Austria

dsc_2092-web.jpgIn the last week of January, we went to Austria to train. The main purpose of this training was to kite as much as possible. We also had a lot of other thing to do like setting up the tent, testing melting snow in differed types of pans, connecting the Toughbook notebook to the BAGN, and pulling the sledges loaded with snow and much more.
Our Base camp for the week was a small village named Nauders. We rented a complete house for 12 persons with lots of luggage. It was just big enough for all of us.
The reason we chose this place was because of a huge frozen lake, the Reschensee. This lake is a 6km long and 1.5 km wide at the height of 1500m. It’s a perfect location to practice kiting.
The first day brought us too much wind. A big storm was blowing with wind speeds up and over 150 km/h; not a perfect day to kite.
However, through the valley the wind speed was much lower, about 50km/h. So we tried to launch the HQ Montana3 kite. Still, the wind was too strong. We had to pull the safety release many times. Later that day we found a better spot and the wind was dropping. Here we were able to kite the first meters in snow.
Kiting on the Reschensee The following days the wind was good till midday’s and then it disappeared completely. We started slowly but we quickly reached speeds over 30km/h.
After 3 days of kiting and a couple of crashes, some of us had minor injuries, such as painful elbows, knees, legs and a dislocated finger.
The Training and testing week was a big success, sadly the temperature was a little bit too high. The cold tests will be in the Netherlands in a commercial freezer.

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  1. TUUPSKI Says:

    Hey Ski-ters,,

    Gaaf stukje over jullie laatste voorbereidingen in Oostenrijk. Heeel veeeel succes en we zullen jullie volgen….