T-shirts, sun cream and sunbathing

It’s almost summer on the icecap… The team just called me, and they are all doing very well. Except, it’s so warm today (only -5 and no wind) that they are sweating like crazy. They are walking around in T-shirts right now!

There is a small technical problem: one of their solar panels (a 50 W panel) broke down, and now they only have the 12 W panel left. This means that they have to be very careful with battery energy and thus they try not to use their toughbook too often. So, no picture uploads, voicemails or emails from the team as long as the battery situation is critical. However, they still have enough power packed in the 12W solar panel to load the satellite phone, so they are not completely forsaken, and you can still send them text messages!

Tomorrow will be a rest day to give themselves the opportunitie to relax for a while. Possibly they can just sit outside the tent and sunbathe when the weather stays like this. Perhaps even cocktails with crushed ice, mmm… 

Now that I have the opportunity: for our daily weather updates  we work together with the great people at Kangerlussuaqs Sondre Stromfjord -weatherstation. The station over there is a local office of DMI (www.dmi.dk) the Danish equivalent of our KNMI. Each time I receive a new position from the team, I send them the coordinates, and they give us a weather prediction as accurate as possible for that position. I would like to thank them for their help!

4 Responses to “T-shirts, sun cream and sunbathing”

  1. Simkje Says:

    hi Jeffrey en consorten,

    Bloed, zweet, en nu nog de tranen – of heb ik die gemist?

    Morgen een hele ‘erholsame’ dag en geniet (ook van de uitputting)!


  2. Sandra Says:

    It’s also almost summer over here….

    Zo te horen hebben jullie een ideale dag uitgezocht om uit te rusten. Is weer eens wat anders in je IceBreaker-bikini, he?

    Tank die batterij (van jezelf en de solar) maar goed vol, en begin daarna met frisse moed aan de langste afdaling van jullie leven! Ik ben jaloers!!!

    Kus, Sandra

  3. Connie Morel Says:

    Hi Allemaal,

    Zo te horen zijn jullie gauw thuis. Neem maar een lekker drankje ”on the rocks” als versterking op je rustdag en dan maar rustig verder banjeren. Hopenlijk kunnen jullie veel kyten de komende dagen.


  4. TUUPSKI Says:

    Hey lekker een apres-ski party in het zonnetje op jullie rustdag…..