Tents have arrived

Our home on GreenlandOur home for Greenland has arrived from Sweden.
On the 7 of December the modified Stalon Combi 4 tents have been delivered with express service. The package contained 2x Stalon Combi4, 1x Extension, 7 spare poles and a sled pack.
We asked Hilleberg to modified the tents and extension with snow valances. They did it very quick and perfect. Hilleberg did a great job.
The good thing about this kind of tent is the durability in a storm and the way you erect the tent. The tent can be erected by just two persons in a couple of minutes. This saves us vulnerable time standing in the freezing winds.
It is another step closer to Greenland.

One Response to “Tents have arrived”

  1. Peter Jan Says:

    Congratulations! I have the Hilleberg Stalon Combi 2. The first time I had to pitch the tent it was dark and during a heavy storm. In a freak gush of wind I managed to break a pole, which subsequently ripped through the fabric. Having no spare pole this was a problem. Despite this, it’s a great tent and one of my favorites. It’s a pretty big tent, so take care of the wind when pitching!