You’ll never walk alone…

img_2990.JPGNansen was the first to cross Greenland. East to West. Rune Gjeldnes was the first to cross Greenland South to North. The rest is history. Nowadays there are a few expedition each year making the attempt to cross the Icy island.

From the 1st of April hunting season is open again. So who else is there?

Circle 66 will start around April/May 2008. They will follow the Arctic circle path –at 66° of latitude. Also start on the east cast and 25 days later and 600 km further they will reach the other side. It is an international team consisting of 5 breast cancer survivors: one man and four women.

The long way
South to North crossing will be done by an other Dutch team. The brave boys of the Notice expedition did a East to West crossing last year. They will try to cross a 2500 km. route this year.

Also on this rout from South to North will be a finish team of Pete Mäkelä and Pete Vourenmaa. Going for a unsupported, kite assisted expedition South to North – 2700km.

Alex Hibbert and George Bullard will traverse Greenland and return, unsupported, unsupplied. New Route: North-West from near Kulusuk to the west coast and back (1400 miles / 2250 km)

They won’t be on their own either. An other team will also try this route. They will use kites whenever possible to use the winds. The Arctic Kites team will cross the Greenland Icecap to raise money for charity. This 640km journey from Nagtivit on the East coast to Illulissat on the West coast will be undertaken on skis, whilst hauling pulks each weighing around 100kg.

Two Danish men, Søren Hvalsøe and Per Jessen, will try to attempt an official record in crossing the ice cap of Greenland in the shortest time possible. Start waterfront of SønderstrømFjord in the west and finish at the waterfront on the east coast near Isortoq. So the same route as we will take.

Another expedition aiming at speed is the trip of Greg Kolodziejzyk. He made a special machine in which he can bike the icecap. So before we know it he will have crossed the icecap and be of his way back home.

All you guys and girls out there on the ice. Have a really good time and enjoy the trip.

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