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project Inland Ice - the Series

650 kms on foot, unsupported, pulling about 100kgs, freezing conditions, storm force winds. All set on the pristine yet fragile Greenland Ice cap… It does not get much tougher than this!

You will be able to follow the trials of the team in a five part series for the AVRO, a well established and respected broadcaster here in the Netherlands.

project Inland Ice - the documentary film

What will be unique about their story is the intimidate relationship shared with the camera, we have been following the team over the past years, showing their expedition develop on film. From practicing glacier rescue techniques to material testing in a commercial supermarket deep freeze, as well training trips to a wintry Sweden and first-aid courses. With over 55 hours of raw material already shoot, there’s alot more to come…

The team will be making their own video diaries about their fears and triumphs; this will be complemented with 'Fly-on-the-wall' documentary techniques and interviews to camera before, during and after the expedition.

We as film makers we could not ignore the teams' motivation of raising awareness of climate change and habitat loss. For us this was reason enough to take on this amazing, but challenging project.

Enjoy the short trailer!

See here for more information about the documentary.

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