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About the "hier" campagne

HIER campaign in the Netherlands

With our expedition we will raise attention to the problem of climate change. For this we have started to co-operate with the Dutch "hier" campaign and we will raise awareness to their work.

Hier (Dutch for 'Here') is the name of a large Dutch climate program whose fundamental idea it is to stress the immediate necessity to implement adaptation projects and initiatives to climate change. Hier introduces a new brand uniting and representing all initiatives that reduce the risk of climate change. This campaign involves not only >40 national charity organisations, but also government and businesses. Eventually, this could be a starting point for an international campaign.

The main issues

Worldwide, environment organisations agree that:

  1. The public regards climate change as an abstract long term environmental problem rather than an urgent threat.
  2. Many initiatives to reduce the risks of climate change already exist, but are not part of a bigger movement.
  3. There is a lack of public awareness and drive to take action on how they can actually make a difference as an individual.

Projects on adaptation to climate change

Among charity and environment organisations many projects have been developed for an effective attitude to climate change and there has been significant progress.

These are only few examples of the projects that have been implemented by the organisations that take part of the Here campaign. You will be able to find more information on projects on the website

What "hier" does

The Here program takes on board both adaptation to irreversible climate change and prompt attending to the cause of it, because they reinforce, rather than oppose one another. By bringing forth concrete adaptative initiatives on areas like poverty eradication, safety, agriculture, health and environment, the urgency of dealing with environmental problems do no longer become abstract and long term, but concrete and visible. From that the effects of climate change on society worldwide will become evident.

What you can do

Initiatives to climate change can easily start close to home. The Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment has presented a top ten list of energy efficient products to choose from. World Wide Fund for Nature introduced the most economical cars and Greenpeace calls up to buy energy efficient light bulbs. And there are many more initiatives.just check our website.

HERE on radio and tv

Here runs a broad media campaign on tv, radio and billboards. Hier is featured on the Dutch broadcasting channel Talpa, for instance during the weather forecast.

Read more on their website.