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The teaser is shown on a climate conference

zaterdag, juni 30th, 2007

Humanitas organised an climate conference on “landgoed Horst” near Driebergen. The main topic was global warming. The film ‘An inconvenient truth’ from All Gore was shown. After this film, Henk-Jan spoke for approx 10 minutes about our plans on Greenland and our teaser was shown. After our teaser a Dutch weatherman Peter Timofeeff predicted the weather in the Netherlands in the year 2045. And explained what will happen in the next 40 years. He also showed the influence of the Greenland ice sheet on our day to day weather.

The information brochure is ready

donderdag, juni 28th, 2007

After months of text editing and searching for pictures, the 12-pages thick brochure is finally ready.
In the brochure we tell who we are and what our plans are. We plan to hand them out to family, friends and especially potential sponsors.

Press coverage in Connexie

zaterdag, juni 16th, 2007

ConnexieA report of our test expedition in Sarek is published in the largest telecommunication magazine. In the article we talk about our experiences of the two different types of satellite telephones: the Iridium and the BGAN. Those phones were supplied by Gannexion in Almere.
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The Teaser is ready

vrijdag, juni 1st, 2007

The teaser is finally ready after more than a month of editing. Kevin and Milan did a perfect job.
Have a look for yourself at the website of the documentary team: