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Establishing of the foundation

maandag, juli 16th, 2007

Logo Project 66 NorthOn July 26, Henk-Jan and Edwer signed a contract for the start of the foundation Arctic Climate Projects. This was sponsored by C’M’S’ Derks Star Busmann. The foundation is the main body which will organise and raise funds for Project 66° North

The first 12-hour training

zaterdag, juli 14th, 2007

Pulling tiresAt 08:00 AM we meet at the train station Utrecht. Nowbody knows what we are going to do, except Edwer, the organizer of the training. When Edwer arrives at the station the other team members see the extra luggage of 4 bog tires. Now everybody knows what we are going to do. Pulling tires! Edwer has to walk without a tire; he must film the event as the two documentary makers are not available this day. At 08:20 AM we take the train to Rhenen. This is the start of a 25K long dragging trip thought the forest. The end point is the train station of Maarn. The way leads us over sandy hills and fallen trees as we find our way through the forest. One small accident occurs: Henk-Jan gets stuck in the ropes in the descent while pulling the tire, but we all completed our first aid course so Henk-Jan can continue his training. At 5:30 PM we arrive in Maarn, the endpoint of the training.