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Poisoning the Arctic!

dinsdag, november 27th, 2007

Beautiful GreenlandFar from the industrial word, far from the pollution.
You are thinking: “So far north where the temperature is below freezing and everything is buried in a beautiful pack of snow. That must by the most cleansed place on earth.

The poisoning of the world by pesticides has already dramatically been felt in the Arctic.

It was already know that the animals store the poison in there fat and flesh.
Now I heard last on the radio that it’s also found that the pesticides attached to snow.
All the people who eat the animal’s en melt the snow gets the poison inside his body.
We are only for a sort time there, it will have no effect on us, but the people who life’s there, the Inuit, gets a lot pesticides into there body’s. It will have a devastating effect on there health.

Now there are a lot of countries developing and pumping more greenhouse- and other toxic gasses into the air. In the Arctic will be more and more poisoning.
It is time to take action!
There are a lot of actions that you can take but one is.
Don’t waist energy! Reduce it.

The first Newsletter

donderdag, november 22nd, 2007

newsletter novemberOn the 22 of November we send our first newsletter. In the letter we will tell the latest hot news about the project. Before going to Greenland we will send a monthly update.
During the icecap crossing we will send mail dispatches on a more frequently basis. Of course this depends on the weather, where we are, what the situation is and what the process on the icecap is.
Leave your name and email address on the website and you don’t miss a thing.

We will use the Hilleberg Stalon Combi 4

dinsdag, november 20th, 2007

Hillberg Stalon Combi 4We have invested a lot of effort, time and devotion into this big project. So we are really proud to have a partnership with Hilleberg. Hilleberg the tentmaker from Sweden will support the expedition with two Stalon combi 4 tents. We first saw this tent at a tent fair somewhere this summer. Ever since we were really determined to use this tent for the crossing. The tent is spacey, fast pitching, durable and… extendible. We will attach two of those tent together so we have one huge living home on the icecap.

This is what Hilleberg is telling about the tent: “The Stalon Combi has quickly become very popular with users who want to be able to customize their tent. Ski touring groups can build their own chalet – two tent “bedrooms” connected by a roof extension “common area”; bicycle tourers can add an extension between tent and vestibule and so create a portable garage; and families can construct a backcountry vacation home, with a Stalon Combi 4 for the kids, a Stalon Combi 2 for the parents, and an Extension for the family room. Organized groups, like scouts and outdoor schools, also appreciate the Stalon’s ability to build shelter solutions to order.”

Hilleberg Thanks!!