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Finally it’s cold

zaterdag, december 22nd, 2007

Montana 3 in the snowWe are not used to it any more here. Temperatures of below zero for a week. Snow and ice, beautiful white landscapes. Many people find it to cold, but we can’t wait to go outside. Perfect weather to do some training. Last week we got a new 9 square meter HQ Montana 3 kite. Today seemed to be the best day to test it. Cold, no clouds and a little bit of wind. So we went to Soestduinen with the kites and our pulling-tires. But no wind. Off course we had to try what the kite would do without much wind. To our surprise we got it up in the sky. It was hard work to get the kite in the air, but it shows that the kite is capable to use in very little wind. We packed the kite and started tire-pulling training. Nice camera shots with the white trees and blue sky. People don’t seem to find it strange that we walk around with tires. Many make pictures, but don’t ask questions. For us it was successful group training.

Interview with Morgen Rabobank

vrijdag, december 21st, 2007

rabobanklogo.gifFriday evening I (Sanne) had a interview with Morgen Rabobank. It is a magazine for starting entrepreneurs. Giving interviews is one of those thinks we learn during this project. Before I was very nervous, but now that’s no problem any more. Although the interview was no problem for me, it was almost an expedition for the journalist. My house is never warm and even after I turned the heating on ,it was a bit too cold. Well, it gave an extra dimension to the interview. The brochure will be published in February.

Merry Christmas and a cold new year

vrijdag, december 21st, 2007

kerstkaart20071.jpgThe team members of Project 66 North wish you a merry Christmas and a very cold new year.

Tents have arrived

vrijdag, december 7th, 2007

Our home on GreenlandOur home for Greenland has arrived from Sweden.
On the 7 of December the modified Stalon Combi 4 tents have been delivered with express service. The package contained 2x Stalon Combi4, 1x Extension, 7 spare poles and a sled pack.
We asked Hilleberg to modified the tents and extension with snow valances. They did it very quick and perfect. Hilleberg did a great job.
The good thing about this kind of tent is the durability in a storm and the way you erect the tent. The tent can be erected by just two persons in a couple of minutes. This saves us vulnerable time standing in the freezing winds.
It is another step closer to Greenland.