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Press all over the place

vrijdag, februari 22nd, 2008

media.JPGWe will have our final big training tonight in a commercial freezer. Especially for this moment we have invited some press. And yes, they turned up in huge numbers.

2 newspapers, 2 radio stations, 1 tv station, 2 press offices and a handfull freelance photographers.

It’s becoming obvious, the deadline is closing and we are getting noticed by the press.

It’s official, the permit is granted

woensdag, februari 20th, 2008

Today, 52 days before leaving, we received a mail from the Danish Polar Center. Our permit is granted. This permit is obligted for any expedition entering the Greenland Inland Ice.
Most of the time it will take a  while for a permit to be issued. For us it just took slightly over a month. Well probably it has something to do with our good preparation…
Anyway, we are now allowed to enter the Greenland icecap.
Greenland here we come.

Better safe than sorry

dinsdag, februari 12th, 2008

Terrafix 406Finally the PLB have arrived. The Personal Locator Beacon. Straight from the USA. The PLB is one of those things you need to have on the icecap. Every expedition who wants to enter the Greenland icecap must have one.
In case of emergency, the PLB will be activated by the expedition team. But only when all other means of communication fail.
When activated, the PLB sends a signal to a satellite. After interception of this signal, local authorities will be informed . They will be able to locate us within 1,5km radius. The PLB saves lifes and is one of the most important items. It is one of the last imported steps before entering Greenland. I just hope the investment in the PLB was worthless and we never have to use this device.

Project 66° North = Project Inland Ice

vrijdag, februari 8th, 2008

Project InlandIceSome weeks ago we found a clothing sponsor for the project; Bergans of Norway. Our previous expedition name, project 66° North was very similar to another outdoor clothing brand: 66° North (Iceland). Therefore we decided to change the name of the project. But…, how can we come up with a new name; we were already so familiar with Project 66° North. Many names crossed our minds. After a final evening of shouting names and yelling silly things, one of us came with the name Project Inland Ice; a fine name which tells the entire story. The Greenland Ice Sheet is sometimes also referred to as Inland Ice, or its Danish equivalent, Indlandsis. Greenland and Ice, the cold and the climate, that’s all what counts!