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Home sweet home

vrijdag, mei 23rd, 2008

dscn1678.JPGAfter being away for 37 days, we finanly made it to Schiphol airport on Friday, 23 may at around 13:00. There was a huge crowd to welcome us including family, friends and press.

For us the past two years have been great. We have worked hard to get everything organised for this big trip. We are very happy that we have made it to the other side of Greenland. This is not always the case for expeditions across the Greenland Icesheet.

Everybody who has supported us during the past few weeks, thanks!! Thanks for al the reply’s in the weblog. We will read them all. Thanks for all the sms messages. Those gave a big smile on our face during dinner. And thanks for the patience during the last two years, we couldn’t talk or think about anything else…

But right now I will sit back and relax and enjoy my family.

Arrival Friday!!!

woensdag, mei 21st, 2008

Against all odds, we have managed that the team arrives friday, instead of the earlier expected sunday. Long story:

 The helicopter  that should bring them to Kulusuk (airport to Reykjavik) was supposed to leave Tasilaq at 10.25 and arrive in kulusuk 10.35. The flight to RKV goes today at 10.45… Not enough transfertime of course. We have split the team up over different flights from tasilaq to kulusuk, and now 5 of them are already in Kulusuk, Pim arrives with the next flight in 10 minutes. They fly to rekjavik today, and Friday they’re home. So that means we all have a complete weekend with our beloved ones!

Friday, 12.55 at Schiphol, flight 502 from Keflavik . Arrival hall: unknown, see the information at the airport.

Welcome home committe, please let me know your suggestions and surprises 🙂

broad ……….. 67% ………. cast

maandag, mei 19th, 2008

As some of you may have seen, the broadcast was not as smooth as supposed, but still we have seen some moving images from Isortoq. The coordinator at the marnix academie, Arie Vonk, was glad with the session, despite the delays in sound and video.

Luckily the chat window worked in correct order, and the team could answer a lot of questions from the kids. On one of the schools, camera teams from both AVRO and the expedition documentary were present. Unfortunately “het jeugdjournaal” decided not to bring this news.

And now the team has completed their last expedition-task it’s only flying and waiting. Lots of waiting maybe, since helicopters on Greenland don’t fly as often as a bus here in Holland…   

No words…

maandag, mei 19th, 2008



zaterdag, mei 17th, 2008

32 days walking. 570 km. The team has completed their journey!

 After a hard day yesterday, lots of snow, hidden crevasses, and difficulties, today was a bright day with blue skies. One long downhill to Isortoq, and at the moment they are staying in a hut full of Inuit kids, giving away their remaining food.

Because of the weather, we don’t know yet if they can fly monday. The camera team is stranded in Tasiliq and unfortunately they couldn’t film the arrival.

 But what they surely can do monday,  is broadcasting from Greenland! You can see them answering questions from schoolkids on on 13.00 our time.

 Furthermore het jeugdjournaal (dutch youth news) will also pay attention to the subject by filming on one of the schools that participates in the livechat, so you should also watch NL3 at 18.45 for the news item.

 Congratulations guys and girl!

The final is never easy

donderdag, mei 15th, 2008

And therefore, the team has had almost a meter of fresh snow in a few days, which delayed them heavily. Saturday I announced proudly that they had only 120 more km to go, today they still have 65 km to do. The good thing is that the snow is finally a bit more compact, and yesterday they had a 20-km day again. They are still doing fine, but tired and focused on one single point: Isortoq!

 They still aim on arriving the 18th, so that they can catch the first helikopter possibility from Isortoq to Kulusuk. Should they miss this heli, their next chance is thursday the 22nd. For the flights from Kulusuk to Reykjavik, and from Reykjavik to AmsterdamI’m investigating if we can make a reservation to have them back home earlier than saturday the 31st…

camera team on the move again

dinsdag, mei 13th, 2008

With a little delay, a message about the teams whereabouts. They phoned me saturday, but the weather was far too good to switch on my computer this weekend. There was not much special to tell: they’re still going fast, the weather is still very mild, and they’re almost in Isortoq!

You can find their last known position on the front page, and they should by now have another 60-80 km to do, counting on a 20-km-a-day schedule. The camera team, Kevin&Milan leaves today from Schiphol, and they plan to arrive the 15th in Isortoq. That’s a tight fit with the teams estimated arrival date, the 16th, so hopefully they don’t miss the arrival… 

As soon as we know when they will return home, it will be announced here. If anyone of the welcome-home-delegation would like to do something special, please let me know, so that i can coordinate things!

Iridium phone post by the expedition team

dinsdag, mei 13th, 2008

A phone message has been left from the Icecap!
Click here to listen to it!


Iridium phone post by the expedition team

vrijdag, mei 9th, 2008

A phone message has been left from the Icecap!
Click here to listen to it!


A little quiz-question!

donderdag, mei 8th, 2008

Who is hiding behind this self-fabricated mask of Duct tape and ice pinnacles?