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woensdag, juni 25th, 2008

All schools have finished their projects. It is fantastic to see how involved the children and student were. A few examples: and We are now gathering all information and hope to show more about these fantastic schoolprojects soon.

Friends Crossing Greenland

zaterdag, juni 21st, 2008

How big is the chance to meet a good friend from Norway on the Greenlandic Icecap? Normally I would say almost 0,000001 %. But in the last 2 weeks of our expedition I was always looking at the horizon if I would maybe see two familiar small dots. Three weeks after us, Audun Tholfsen started together with Timo Palo with his icecap-crossing.59_km_day1.JPGThey started at the East coast, so there was quite a big chance that we could meet each other. Too bad, I think we had bad vision the day we crossed each other, so no meeting (We even did not meet any expedition from the other side.) But the good news is: After 26 days they reached the west-cost. There they experienced a lot of trouble because all snow was gone from the glacier and replaced with melting pounds and channels. But they made it. CONGRATUALATION GUYS!!!!! For who can read Estonian, this is their website:


Photos Greenland online

zondag, juni 8th, 2008

Just an other day on the IceIn total we made about 6000 photos. We will not place them all on the site but we made a little selection to publish on the site.

Click here to see the photos

School project

woensdag, juni 4th, 2008

Yesterday I visited group 6/7/8 of OMS Den Dolder. Last month they joined the school project about arctic climate and our expedition. They did a great job. They gave me a presentation about the results of their project. It was great!! They learned so much and the kids taught me some new things about Greenland too. They made a dscn09261.jpgPowerPoint presentation and wall newspapers, wrote stories, had interviews and wrote to the newspaper, made expedition food, examined temperatures, just too much to tell. They even wrote and recorded a commercial about climate change. After school several kids wanted to stay to be dressed as a real explorer. This enthusiasm, that’s why we do it.


Voice over

woensdag, juni 4th, 2008

dscn09331.jpgJust 10 days back in Holland and again busy with the project. In a studio in Amstelveen, Henk Jan and I did the voice-over for the first part of the documentary. One of those things I didn’t expect to learn when I started the project. I found it difficult, but great to do. Speak a bit lower, a bit faster, more intonation, sing a bit, and speak in the microphone.

studio.jpgImagine me in a small room behind a microphone with a headphone on trying to speak the right line in the right speed while running and laughing. Pffffffff, but after 4 hours they were happy with it. Only 4 more episodes to go.