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CO2 neutral

maandag, maart 3rd, 2008


Our flights kilometres, in total more than 43.000km, are compensated in terms of CO2-exhaust. More than 500 trees must grow one year to compensate one ton of CO2. As we believe in our project and what it stands for it is an obvious choice for us to have our inpact in nature compensated. We use Greenseat to do the trick

Will you also be travelling some miles by plane. Please do the same.

Poisoning the Arctic!

dinsdag, november 27th, 2007

Beautiful GreenlandFar from the industrial word, far from the pollution.
You are thinking: “So far north where the temperature is below freezing and everything is buried in a beautiful pack of snow. That must by the most cleansed place on earth.

The poisoning of the world by pesticides has already dramatically been felt in the Arctic.

It was already know that the animals store the poison in there fat and flesh.
Now I heard last on the radio that it’s also found that the pesticides attached to snow.
All the people who eat the animal’s en melt the snow gets the poison inside his body.
We are only for a sort time there, it will have no effect on us, but the people who life’s there, the Inuit, gets a lot pesticides into there body’s. It will have a devastating effect on there health.

Now there are a lot of countries developing and pumping more greenhouse- and other toxic gasses into the air. In the Arctic will be more and more poisoning.
It is time to take action!
There are a lot of actions that you can take but one is.
Don’t waist energy! Reduce it.