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All the post has arrived

maandag, april 7th, 2008

overlaoded.jpgYipie a yee!! All the 20 boxes which we have send to Greenland have arrived. This is good,… no great news!! In total 400 kg have found their way to the remote post-office in Kangerlusuaq. The only thing we have to do is pick up the goods and… repack it all in our sledges.
I hope it will fit this time!

Pissing like a man

zondag, maart 23rd, 2008

One of the first things people ask me when they hear about this trip is: how do you wash yourself and what about going to the toilet? For me, Sanne, wet toilet towels work best. I keep them thawed out in my cloth. I clean about everything with it except my hair. Two a day are enough and I can burn them afterwards.

freshette11.jpgGoing to the toilet is sometimes a small expedition on itself. Imagine yourself in a storm and you have to pee. You can’t take off all of your clothes or your gloves. For obvious reasons this is a bigger problem for me than it is for the 5 guys, but there are tools for almost everything.
The urinal funnel. My old one broke, but fortunately I found a new one in Germany. It has found favour amongst outdoor enthusiasts, allowing them to go to the toilet at will, without the need to remove layers and layers of clothing. After a bit of practice I can even pee in a pee-bottle inside a sleeping bag. Ideal for days we have to stay in the tent because it’s storming.

Sending gear to Greenland

maandag, maart 10th, 2008

At the post officeToday we have send 19 boxes with food and a part of the material to Greenland.
The total weights of the boxes was about 380kg. In about one or two weeks hopefully the 19 boxes will be delivered at the post office in Kangerlussuaq. We have good reason for sending all this stuff already now. If something is missing along the way to Greenland, we still have some time to buy new gear and food.

dsc_2396.JPGThe reason for sending in the first place? Because airline companies charge ridiculous amounts of money for our over weight. And as we do not want to waste our sponsors money… we will send all the boxes by mail.

Better safe than sorry

dinsdag, februari 12th, 2008

Terrafix 406Finally the PLB have arrived. The Personal Locator Beacon. Straight from the USA. The PLB is one of those things you need to have on the icecap. Every expedition who wants to enter the Greenland icecap must have one.
In case of emergency, the PLB will be activated by the expedition team. But only when all other means of communication fail.
When activated, the PLB sends a signal to a satellite. After interception of this signal, local authorities will be informed . They will be able to locate us within 1,5km radius. The PLB saves lifes and is one of the most important items. It is one of the last imported steps before entering Greenland. I just hope the investment in the PLB was worthless and we never have to use this device.

Material material…

vrijdag, januari 25th, 2008

dsc_1971-web.jpgThe last days before we are going to Austria a lot of stuff is delivered.
-12 HQ Montane3 Kites from Vliegers&Co.
-11 Boxes of clothing, backpacks, gloves and sleeping bags from Bergans. (Directly from Norway)
-2 Boxes of Thermos bottles, Sea to Summit backs, solar panels and may more from Outdoordacht.

And this is only the first delivery.

arrival of Bergans gear

Handle with care?

vrijdag, januari 18th, 2008

toughbookA big box was delivered to my office this morning. It said “Handle with care”. I was thinking about the delivery of a digital camera which I have ordered via the internet. So, eager to make some of my first shots with a new camera, I opened the box. It was rather heavy though. Inside the box was a delivery of Panasonic. It was the Toughbook! So why print “Handle with care” on the box. It should say “Throw it around”, “Do whatever you like”. Or even better: ”Try to break”
The Toughbook is an extremely good laptop for the environment we are going to. The type we will use is the CF-30 fully ruggedized laptop. We will use the laptop for updating our web side and sending video from the ice cap.
This is what Panasonic says about their Toughbook: ”The Toughbook CF-30 is seen quite rightly as the reference model for real outdoor notebooks. It is robust like no other notebook and is optimally prepared for the harshest conditions of use in all areas of your business. Shocks, drops, heat, cold, dust and damp present no risk to the Toughbook.” So why handle with care??

Fitting clothes

woensdag, januari 16th, 2008

BergansOn the 16th of January we were fitting clothes of the brand Bergans in Leusden.
Bergans is our sponsor for clothing, backpacks and sleeping bags.
After fitting several down jackets, pants, soft shells, jackets and fleeces we had our correct sizes and type of clothing.
The result is a complex sheet of material with numbers, sizes, types and colour.
Those clothes will keep us warm and dry on Greenland.

Listen to the music

dinsdag, januari 15th, 2008

iriver-t60.jpgThe icecap can be extremely boring. White, endless horizon, silence, cold, boring… During most of the day we will just walk behind each other. In the slipstream of the track which is made by the first person. So time enough to think about the essentials in live. And… listen to music. We will all bring one mp3-player of iriver with 4 GB of storage. Enough for about 1000 songs. And when we are bored with our own music collection, we will just swap mp3-player with one other.
The good thing about the iriver mp3-player (T60) is that it works on one AAA battery. And last but not least is weights only 53 grams in total. Compare this to 1000 songs on cd…around 8 KG.

Power supply on the icecap

vrijdag, januari 11th, 2008

Battery statisticOn the Greenland icecap we will be completely on our own. No civilization, no mobile phone network and no electricity outlet. So we have to rely on our own resources. We need power for all our electronic appliances which we will bring along. We will make use of photo cameras, video cameras, mp3-players, torches, GPS navigation, wind speed meters, satellite phone, BGAN satellite broadband internet, Toughbook laptop and a webcam.

We will use two sorts of energy. First of all batteries. We do not want to use rechargeable batteries. This is because the process of recharging all our batteries will take too long with solar power. Recharging batteries at -20 degrees take considerably longer than at home. So for all equipment which uses AA or AAA batteries, we rely on Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries.
Those batteries are 33% lighter than alkaline batteries and they will last up to 7 times longer. The good thing is also that Litium batteries work very good at cold temperatures. Untill -40 degrees C. So photo cameras, video cameras, mp3-players, torches, GPS navigation, wind speed meters will all use Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries.
We will take about 2 kg of Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. This is lighter than taking rechargeables, a charger and two extra solar power panels.

For the satellite phone, BGAN satellite broadband internet, Toughbook laptop and webcam we will make use of their own accu. The internal accu will be recharged by solar power. This process of recharging will be done during the day. A solar power panel is mounted on the sledge. At the end of the day all communication equipment will be ready to use again.
In the tent we can then listen to some music and update our weblog or post a videocast on the net. It feels just like home.

Tents have arrived

vrijdag, december 7th, 2007

Our home on GreenlandOur home for Greenland has arrived from Sweden.
On the 7 of December the modified Stalon Combi 4 tents have been delivered with express service. The package contained 2x Stalon Combi4, 1x Extension, 7 spare poles and a sled pack.
We asked Hilleberg to modified the tents and extension with snow valances. They did it very quick and perfect. Hilleberg did a great job.
The good thing about this kind of tent is the durability in a storm and the way you erect the tent. The tent can be erected by just two persons in a couple of minutes. This saves us vulnerable time standing in the freezing winds.
It is another step closer to Greenland.