Friends Crossing Greenland

How big is the chance to meet a good friend from Norway on the Greenlandic Icecap? Normally I would say almost 0,000001 %. But in the last 2 weeks of our expedition I was always looking at the horizon if I would maybe see two familiar small dots. Three weeks after us, Audun Tholfsen started together with Timo Palo with his icecap-crossing.59_km_day1.JPGThey started at the East coast, so there was quite a big chance that we could meet each other. Too bad, I think we had bad vision the day we crossed each other, so no meeting (We even did not meet any expedition from the other side.) But the good news is: After 26 days they reached the west-cost. There they experienced a lot of trouble because all snow was gone from the glacier and replaced with melting pounds and channels. But they made it. CONGRATUALATION GUYS!!!!! For who can read Estonian, this is their website:


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