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Global Warming, is something personal!

Sanne Mulschlegel

Sanne Mulschlegel
  1. I cycle to my job.
  2. I switch of the light if I leave the room.
  3. My thermostat is at 17C or off altogether
  4. Plastic bags are reused.
  5. Laundry is done at 30 or 40C

Jeffrey Ringrose

Jeffrey Ringrose
  1. I will not have children
  2. Central heating system off or low
  3. I cycle to my job, don't even have a car
  4. Buy electricity with zero CO2
  5. Don't own a plasma screen

Edwer Veldhuijzen

Edwer Veldhuijzen
  1. I use “green” electricity
  2. I cycle often to my work
  3. I don’t buy things I don’t need
  4. Seldom use central heating
  5. Unplug electronics when I’m not using them

Henk-Jan Geel

Henk-Jan Geel
  1. I take the bike to work
  2. I use “Green” electricity
  3. Eat mainly local produced food
  4. I do recycle
  5. Switch of electronic appliances if not in use

Pim Reurings

Pim Reurings
  1. I re-use a lot of stuff
  2. Make use of “Green” power
  3. I eat a lot of local food
  4. Try to avoid “wrong” garments in clothes
  5. Laundry is done at 30 or 40C

Raimo Haverink

Raimo Haverink
  1. I use “Green” electricity
  2. Lowered my thermostat some degrees
  3. Take a quick shower and save water
  4. Drive an efficient car
  5. I recycle glass and paper

With Project Inland Ice we feel personally involved with the problems of Global Warming. With this project we thus want to contribute to a better environment. This we do ourselves by accessing al our actions on their impact on our surrounding. But also by raising awareness on climate problems such as Global Warming. And of course act accordingly. Climate change brings a drastic impact to Greenland. Now it sits there nice and peacefully, but there the future of the Netherlands is hidden and possibly, however, of the whole world. Greenland contains such a huge ice mass, which if this melts, will raise the sea level about 6 meters.

Personal action

Personally this means I have to move to higher grounds. I also can no longer go for a walk on the beach. Not a scenario I fancy. But nevertheless this seems what we are heading for at the moment. As a child at home I could make snowmen and skate on the ice. But now? All signs indicate that our climate is becoming warmer. The primary cause of this change is the way humans act on this planet. We buy, we consume, we drive, we pollute and we destroy. And therein lays also the solution to the climate problem... with us!

If we adept ourselves, then we can alter this trend. We have to take action. Climate problems are therefore not particularly an international problem, but a personal problem.

Of course the whole climate is something nobody as a person gets hold on. Nobody can do something what changes the climate in its whole.


Here I do want draw a comparison with Project Inland Ice. All team members are ordinary people with a very normal job, hobbies, family and friends. Nevertheless we get a large project such as Project Inland Ice working. It works because we all contribute a little bit to the bigger picture. With a large project like climate change it works exactly the same. If everyone adapts a bit, we can then stop the Global Warming.

Take action

There are sceptics who claim that climate change is a normal fluctuation of nature. Well maybe they are right. But what if that is not the case this time? What if they are wrong? A less environment incriminating way of live is easy to realise. So why shouldn’t we? Personally I do not want to move to higher grounds. But I find it even better that my children, they too can make snowmen and skate on the ice. So take action now! Global Warming, is something personal!

Take action yourself.

Start the battle against climate change with some small steps. Below is a list of things you can easily do yourself. There are also some links to other sites with information about climate change.

Do you do want read more?

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