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Basecamp & Doctor

Pieter Bouman
Date of birth
30th july 1982
Product specialist warehouse trucks.
Personal situation
I live in Ede, in the middle of the beautiful green Veluwe. That is, until within 2 months: Iím going to move over to Utrecht to live together with Sanne. In fact, Iíll be moving into her house while sheís on Greenland, so that the house is ready when she returns and I am available to provide her with fresh fruit and vegetables.
Besides living there, I also work in Ede at TMHNL, a large seller of warehouse trucks, forklifts and hand pallettrucks. I live with 2 friends in a sort of after-studying house, and we have a cat, Mouse.
Outdoor history
Starting as of my 3th month, we went camping in germany, France, Austria in the summer vacations. But besides from that, I never really got into the outdoor activities that I do now, until 2000. I started mountainbiking, and a while later, hiking and trekking. Together with a friend I started climbing during college, and it never let off. I do sportsclimbing, and alpine climbing. In between, I also like winter camping, but to be honest Iíve never experienced a such serious wintertrip as project inland ice will be!
As basecamp manager, both my outdoor experience and my logistic knowledge will be useful. Because I know what the team is going through and because I donít have to ask them where the fuel line is located on a stove, I can assist them on questions regarding material, the weather, and maybe calamities. At the same time, Iíll try to support them when theyíre having a hard time, or when they could use a motivating speech!
If you canít join Ďm...
Of course itís hard not to be involved with the group since my girlfriend is a member of the expedition, and this is my way to contribute. I would very much like to undertake a journey like this once, and by being involved in Project Inland Ice I can learn a lot about these kind of expeditions. A double advantage: I can help my friends, and I get to learn a lot myself.

Expedition doctor

Casper Post Uiterweer
General Practitioner (GP)
Personal situation
I am a GP in Utrecht since 1985, and here you see me with my family and the Nepalese guide in the Himalaya. I like mountain and adventure very much, and I have pleasure in giving medical support to a expedition like this. I have also the feeling I of going on adventure to Greenland, allthough I will stay home, ready to receive their calls and hoping they will not call at all. Doctor