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Edwer Veldhuijzen

Edwer Veldhuijzen
Date of birth
Civil engineer / developer at the company Grontmij.
Personal situation
I'm living in an old monumental farm in Harmelen, 15km west from Utrecht. Music is my first Love. The style is from Tool, Nirvana to dj TiŽsto, Armin van Buuren.
Photography has also my interest. I just stopped making slides and now shooting the pictures digital.
Outdoor history
Mountain climbing since 1996. Summer and Winter my playground is in the Alps. Climbed 15 different 4000-meter peaks. Also made a traverse on the Aconcagua, the highest top in South-Amerika (6962 m) I made several snowshoe trips.
Mountain biking is an other hobby of me, most MTB trips I made were in the Alps. I like running and have run the marathon of Amsterdam.
I can handle with al lot of different people from very easy to difficult. But there is a limit. I can motivate my self to do things that I don't like. I'm also a very quit sleeper, (just like Raimo).
I see it as a huge challenge to cross the Greenland icecap. Although there is a lot of information available about Greenland and crossing the icecap, it will be a challenge because of the unpredictable extreme weather conditions and the loneliness of being on the icecap. We may expect temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius in combination with strong winds. We basically will have to fight the coldness every single day. All necessities for the trip for 35 days will be in our sleds. Further, we will travel with a kite to make 100km a day. Trying to push your physical and mental limits in such conditions while being alone on the icecap for 35 days: this is what makes this trip challenging to me. It is back to basics.
The group consists of the people with whom I crossed the Hardangervidda in early 2006. This group is very motivated and devoted. We are all different personalities with our own qualities. It will be a very nice time on the ice cap.
I'm already looking forward to the moment when we will see the mountains of the west coast of Greenland. It will mean that we almost cross the 700km long trip. That will be satisfying and joyful moment.
Fun and guarantee a couple of words that are beeps on the TV, when things go terrible wrong.