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Henk-Jan Geel

Henk-Jan Geel
Henk-Jan Geel
Date of birth
Product Manager Mobile Telephony at
Personal situation
I'm married to Ingrid, a beautiful Swede. We live in a rows house in Utrecht with our son Björn and cat Alfons. As for hobbies, I have a rather wide interest. I do repair jobs from time to time, but much too little at my old Volvo Amazon car. On Saturdays, I am a scout leader the Wilhelminagroep in Utrecht. Like to go to the movies and I have a lot of ideas about to many subjects. From TV formats on one side to the program of a political party on the other side. Sitting still doing nothing is not my piece of cake.
Outdoor history
My outdoor sport experience is a long list with many several subjects. As from my 14th I have sailed a lot with scouting and have rowed and participated in many rowing matches. Annually returning events were among other things Ardennes weekend in the winter. Camp at -10 degrees whereas the rest of the Netherlands sits warmly at the fireplace. Gave sailing instruction and have been a outdoor sport instructor. My military service took place in 1993-1994 with the Special forces. This was more outdoors than indoors and since camping is in blood, I found it more than pleasing.
In 1996 I have made a long trekking in the Himalaya. Since 1999 I have been in the mountains and snow regularly. Undertaken a tour ski course at the Heidelbergerhutte in Austria with the Dutch Mountaineering Club (NKBV). Completed a mountaineering course. Done ski touring in Italy/Switzerland and in 2003, on to the high north of Sweden. Beautiful trekking of 120 km with ski and pulk at the Kebnekaise massive. In 2004, '05 and '06 I have committed myself to the traverse of the Hardangervidda in Norway. But camping nice and easy on the Veluwe can be very pleasing as well.
I'm very accurate if it concerns my equipment and preparation. I barrage as little as possible to chance. My contribution in the group particularly will be my perseverance, my humour (how dark this sometimes may be) and my kiting experience. Furthermore I have quite some experience with winter camping and during my military service I have learned how to push my limits to the extreme.
Well I can give a number of answers. 1 of these comes from Jeffrey's namesake Hillary. "Because it's there..." An another answer is that of the explorer Pen Hadow, used at journalists if they ask the same question: "Why do you do it?" His answer: "if you ask the question, you will never fully understand the answer." That last will comply most with my feelings. But I will not withhold you my personal answer altogether.
I do not have one clear motivation for all of it. Or it has to be that I simply want to do it. There are, however, many other things which makes this trip inspiring and interesting to me. I am always looking for somewhere else, if a group goes left, then I'll see if there is anything to the right. Just to be a bit different than average. I like it to be physically active and It's nice to tell about the experience afterwards. Outdoor sports fascinates me, just absolute fabulous to reach a maximum of comfort with minimum gear. Being completely self supporting and not dependent on others. Everyone to the left, I will go the right. Suits me perfect!
Specific on Greenland: Just one big challenge to do, has not been crossed to many times. Nice to get it done and fix a large project like this. Large experience for any future excursions. And of course a time much better spend than just sit in the office. And last but NOT least. It's a privilege to make this trip with friend on which I can rely. We will motivate each other in bad times and complete in the weaknesses of another one. Teamwork has its advantages.
I hope this motivation will be a bit comprehendible. there are just to many reason to make this a perfect trip.
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