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Jeffrey Ringrose

Jeffrey Ringrose
Date of birth
Medical Biologist. Currently working at the Department of Bio molecular Mass Spectrometry, at the University of Utrecht.
Personal situation
Living in Utrecht with five Catfishes. Lat-relationship with lovely and adventurous Joanna. Always been interested in being outside, nature and biology, mountains and the earth. Enjoys walking long distances, climbing, looking for stones and fossils, travelling to the East (especially where there are mountains and fantastic food), reading about biology subjects (evolution) or about travels and exploration. Likes cooking and eating. Besides going outdoors and travelling spends time watching films from dark poet and comic Bill Hicks, David Attenborough and Bunuel, or listening to Pixies or Elvis Presley. Greatly enjoys silence (probablycuased by lack of). Hates warm places (being a mammal and not a reptile, which makes it possible to travel to colder places in the first place), direct sunlight and crowds and the way humans are running this world.
Outdoor history
Anything outdoors in nature is great, but especially in the mountains ! Likes climbing and bouldering and did several Alpine courses in the early nineties and more recently three Crash Courses off-piste tour-skiing in the Alps. Great memories of some climbing tours in the Alps. Long trekking with tent and backpack. Preferably travels to Himalaya's but also elsewhere and generally any long distance walk can be much fun (especially where there are big hills and few people). Ice skating has been fantastic in the past but when o when will it happen again ? I hate running or going to a gym, so I don't.
Melting snow. Being quiet and not talking. Perseverance. Sleeping (making no sounds). Laughing about other people when they crash while skiing.
Why go to Greenland. Well, why do anything ? Life and existence feels almost unbearably absurd when you think about it. Indulging in some passtime, work, or buying things distracts and soothes that uneasy feeling. But in nature everything feels OK naturally, because there are no explanations needed when I experience nature or see nature in progress. However, Greenland may lack something. It is rather boring probably. So no distractions to indulge in. Even no beautiful trees, rocks, flowers or annimals. No work, nothing to buy and the best food will only be freeze-dried. Achievements are usually associated with going to the maximum of things. But we will be going to a minimum. I will be on my own to settle with the absurd fact that I exist and I want to be able to be happy then. I trust I will….And I hope it will be very quiet !