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Pim Reurings

Pim Reurings
Date of birth
Airplane mechanic at KLM
Personal situation
I live in Mijdrecht. My girlfriend Sandra now lives in Amsterdam, but hopefully we will go into a new house together. We try to go snowboarding, kite surfing, mountain biking and sand boarding as much as we can. Oldtimer Volkswagens are my biggest hobby. I spend a lot of time repairing and fixing my VW Beatle and VW van. Most of the time I have several fixing, repairing and building projects besides that.
Outdoor history
From my 5th year on I do winter sports with my parents, girlfriend or friends. First skiing, but from my 16th snowboarding. Last few years I train every Thursday-evening with Team Chacaltaya snowboard slalom in Snowworld in Zoetermeer.
2 Years ago I finished (the first part Austrian snowboard teachers education Anwerter. I also did paragliding, diving and parachute jumping.
I know Henk-Jan from the Scouting in Uithoorn. We did a lot of sailing and rowing there and went several times winter camping in the Ardennes.
Knowledge of snow and skiing skills are excellent. The last few years I did a lot off kite surfing. We can use this kite-experience very well during the second part of our trip on Greenland.
This is difficult to describe. At this moment there is an overwhelming feeling inside me. Last year Henk-Jan called me, if I wanted to go on a 120 km skiing trip in Hardangervida Norway. I didn't have to think about that. I saw it as the ultimate chance to try a new extreme experience. Norway was great, so when Henk-Jan proposed to extend our boundaries once again in Greenland, I was immediately enthusiastic. The temperature, dangers like polar bears, crevasses and Pitoraques, and also the silence are some off the uncertainties for me. But this is also what attracts me and makes me curious. Norway was a beautiful trip, Greenland will be one step further.