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Raimo Haverink

Raimo Haverink
Date of birth
CAD designer and Surveyor. Since ten years I have been working at Ingenieursbureau BCC in Leerdam which is part of the International RPS group.
Personal situation
Hopefully within a few months I will be living in my new house, which is situated in the most picturesque part of Utrecht, Leidsche Rijn city and will be newly build. It is not such a big house, but why need one, when you are away for a holiday for at least 6 times a year. Physical exercises like running and race (mountain) biking but outdoor stuff in particular, keep me fit and smiling.
Not all my holidays are that sportive. I also enjoy other cultures, the history and architecture during city trips.
When I'm tired but satisfied I love watching a good film lying lazy in front of the TV with my helliebellie next to. My musical interest is quite broad, e.g. from Dvorak to AC/DC and from Hazes to Leftfield.
I love photography; slides are my favourite, even in this digital world.
Outdoor history
Since 15 years, mountain climbing tells the bigger part of my life. I have climbed during this period over 40 different 4000 meter peaks in the Alps and quite a few of them even several times and by different routes. Besides the Alps, I have also visited the Mt.Cook range in New Zealand, and did some 6000 meter climbing in Peru and Argentina; we traversed the Aconcagua without any help of mountain guides.
Next to a climbing course, I also did a parapente-, as well as a wild water kayak course. Also, I made several snowshoe and tour ski trips, crossed the Hardangervidda with a pulka, experienced wonderful alpine MTB trips, finished a long distance kayak tour in Norway and Sweden, and competed in adventure races. Meanwhile, I ran a couple of marathons.
My friends call me "the general", mainly because of my tendency to organise with great enthusiasm and persuasiveness. Since I am a surveyor, my map reading skills should be fairly accurate. On top of these aspects, sleeping very quietly in a tent, without any snoring or inconvenient noises, can be seen as my trademark. (But I do sometimes suffer from boogie legs).
I am always looking for adventure and combined with a physical demand this is simply what I like best doing. Finding oneself in a tensed situation, though still being capable to cope with an acutely changed plan, breaking through ones own boundaries, all these aspects are a great challenge to me.
Regarding this expedition, I have always had a special weakness for remote unspoiled and cold places. Names like Iceland, Spitsbergen, Alaska or Greenland have been heavily drawing my attention since years.
Greenland will be without any question something I've never experienced before. I am curious how my mind will cope with days and days of nothing besides snow, intense whiteness and the extreme weather. The mental exhaustion will outrun its physical counter part by lengths I suppose.
Even its name, Greenland, contains enough mystery to me. Furthermore, just the idea of being dragged forward by the wind that fills the kite I am holding on to; I simply can't wait to go! At the same time this expedition provides a tool for making world citizens more aware of global warming and melting ice caps.
Afraid of
I think being cached by one of the ferocious pitoraques which can hold on for days. Not knowing if your tent will stand the force and when it finally will stop.