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Sanne Mülschlegel

Sanne Mülschlegel
Date of birth
Bachelor Arts and Crafts in Education, but I work fulltime in an outdoor shop, Bever Zwerfsport in Utrecht.
Personal situation
At this moment I live alone in Utrecht, but not for long anymore. The day I come back from Greenland I am going to live together with Pieter. Luckily he is into outdoor as much as I am, so he understands why I do strange things like crossing Greenland. Though I live in a big city, you can find me outside most of the weekends. I have been active in a scouting group since I was 9. Just stopped as Akela for the cup scouts from ‘De woudlopers’ Zeist. After 10 Years every Saturday as a leader for the group, I ll now have more time for other outdoor activities. Mountain biking, climbing, walking, camping a.o. Besides the active weekends I try to go to the Norwegian mountains as much I can. Walking, but rather on tourlanglaufski's and with my sledge behind me.
Outdoor history
When I was young I always went camping with my parents and two sisters. I loved to climb trees, build tree huts and wander the howl day in the woods. So Scouting was great for me.
In 2000 I did my first long trekking in Scandinavia. 1 month in Finland, Sweden and Norway. At that moment I fell in love with Norway.
A few years later I went on my first solo langlauf ski-tour in Rondane-Norway. 140 km with my sledge and sleeping in a tent. It were two difficult, but beautiful weeks and I wanted to do this again soon. So May that year I did a second solo tour in Hardangervidda-Norway. I couldn’t get enough of it, so that summer I went with some friends to Jotunheimen, followed by a solo trip in Dovrefjell.
After that, I went every year on two solo-langlauf tours and walked every summer three or four weeks in different areas in Norway and Sweden. In between several trips with my Norwegian 'fjellefar' Einar, some short trips to Switzerland, Ardennes, Rafting, river boarding, a Norwegian glaciercource, climbing and off course with the ‘Hiking-site’ in Holland where I met Pieter.
In 2006 I met ‘the5 guys’ and we crossed the Hardangervidda in February. Great to find more people with same interests and dreams. For me the best combination is to switch between going alone and going with a group. It both has many advantages. So that autumn I went to Norway again and walked with my tent for two month. February after that I went to Sweden together with the guys followed with a trip to Spitsbergen were I have learned to live in the same area as the polar bears.
Last year, was my first time in 8 years that I did not go to the North for my summer and winter holiday. I went south. Something totally different, but a fantastic experience. A trip with Pieter to the Ecrins and Chamonix. I did my first long climbing route, 11 rope length, 450 m and the cosmiques ridge (ad). I don’t know what’s more scary, a snowstorm when you are alone, or dangling on 400m high when it’s getting dark.
I have done several wintertrekkings and gained a lot of experience during these trips. My strongest points are my perseverance, positive attitude and I'm (almost) always smiling. I can find solutions in problems with material, in difficult situations, but also on social level. Besides that I can keep myself calm in stressful situations.
Many people who don't know me very well ask me: Why? For me it's a natural follow up on the wintertrekkings that I did last years. It's hard work these trips, but when I come back it feels like I can cope with the crowded and busy city-life again. When something I like crosses my path, I try to grab it and don't let it go. This has brought me to many adventures, beautiful places and people. And when I'm 40, will this trip -with the global warming- still be possible than?